Langley Green becomes first mental health hospital to receive award for offering improved support to LGBTQ community

Langley Green Hospital in Crawley, which provides specialist mental health services to adults, is the first psychiatric hospital in the UK to receive the ‘LGBTQ Inclusion Award’, which acknowledges hospitals who have taken significant steps to make their services more inclusive of LGBTQ people.

Steven Rowley, Clinical Specialist for Occupational Therapy at Langley Green, said: “It was really important to us at Langley Green that we make our hospital as welcoming and inclusive as possible for everybody who accesses our services.

“We have been working with two Brighton-based charities, Switchboard and Trans Alliance, and as a result, have introduced gender neutral toilets and started to deliver specialist training for our staff, so that they feel better equipped to support our service users who identify as LGBTQ.

”As a result of months of hard work, we have met the Gold Award standard and will be formally presented with the certificate at a ceremony on Monday 22 October.” 

Launched as a pilot, the LGBTQ Inclusion Award offers primary and secondary care service providers an improved knowledge and tools to help them meet the needs of the LGBTQ community.

Daniel Cheesman, CEO of Switchboard, said: “We have been pleased to work with the team at Langley Green and it has been a pleasure supporting them in understanding the barriers that LGBTQ people face and making changes and putting in the systems to ensure that LGBTQ patients feel welcome and included.

“I have been impressed to see that the team have gone the extra mile and have really understood what it takes to be LGBTQ inclusive. I am delighted that they have achieved the Gold Award and I want to thank the team and congratulate them for all their hard work.”

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