Celebrating the role of social workers in the NHS this World Social Work Day

Sussex Partnership is putting its social workers centre stage this World Social Work Day (Tuesday, March 17) in recognition of the vital role they play in supporting people.

The Trust, which provides specialist mental health and learning disability care for all ages in Sussex as well as services for children and young people in Hampshire, has over  200 social workers – many of whom are directly employed by the Trust, and others who are seconded to work in the organisation from local councils across the area.

Social workers work alongside clinical and education colleagues, supporting patients and service users – as well as their families and carers - in a wide range of roles. 

Acosia Nyanin is Chief Nursing Officer at Sussex Partnership and responsible for the Trust’s social workers.

Acosia said: “Today is World Social Work Day and an opportunity to celebrate these professionals who play a pivotal role in the care of people with mental health problems.  Social workers offer us an important perspective working with patients. They will focus on the impact of poverty, discrimination, social injustice, family and community. This helps us understand the context in which a person lives, the strengths they have and the additional challenges they face in respect of their social situation and in their communities.

“We thank our social workers for their ongoing commitment to equality, human rights and for their tireless advocacy for carers and family. Happy World Social Work Day!”

Bryan Lynch, Deputy Director of Social Work at Sussex Partnership, added: “We are really committed to supporting our social workers and the vital job that they do to help the people who use our services, as well as their families and carers.

“Social workers bring a holistic perspective: looking at the whole person: their story and the circumstances in which they find themselves. The work that we do can help people to manage the social and psychological factors in their lives and thereby empower individuals to lead fulfilling, independent lives within their community. We recognise that we can’t do this in isolation and a huge part of our role is about building relationships with people and other organisations that can provide help and support when people most need it."

World Social Work Day is Tuesday 17 March 2020. To find out more about the role of social workers at Sussex Partnership, watch this short video: