Video appointments

Your care, your choice

Since the start of the pandemic we’ve seen how important video appointments have been in making sure vital services remained available. We’ve heard from the people who use our services how using video has enabled them to continue to attend appointments they may otherwise have had to cancel, how it has helped avoid travelling to appointments and relying on public transport, and how convenient it can be for both service users and clinicians. Service users have also told us how video calls have made it easier at times for everyone who needs to be involved in the conversation to be able to join in.

Video appointments will always be offered based on clinical judgement, patient need and patient choice. 

Video appointments offer an additional option to service users and clinicians for follow-up consultations, including one to one and group treatment. Using digital technology allows patients to have greater choice in how they receive treatment, as long as it is considered safe and effective by their clinician. The decision to have a video appointment will be offered by clinicians on an individual patient’s needs and preferences and only when clinically appropriate.