Sustainable healthcare

We have been committed to reducing our impact on the environment at Sussex Partnership for several years, and building on our progress to date we are proud to commit to meeting the new targets set out by NHS England Improvement to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2040.

To ensure we get there, at Sussex Partnership we have set an interim target of 57% reduction in emissions by 2025.

As healthcare professionals we have a duty to play our part in tackling the problem of our changing climate. Right across the organisation, in all roles both clinical and non-clinical we can think, and act, more sustainably.

As part of our ongoing work to become more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint, we have adopted an approach called Care without Carbon, which has been developed by colleagues at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.

Our Care Without Carbon framework addresses three key aims:

  • Reducing environmental Impact: Delivering care that is Net Zero Carbon, minimising our impact on the environment and respecting natural resources.
  • Improving Wellbeing: Support the health and wellbeing of our staff, patients and communities.
  • Investing in the Future: Maintaining long term financial sustainability through sustainable decision making.

Care Without Carbon also addresses one of our five strategic goals: to live within our means. The Care Without Carbon framework forms the basis of our new Green Plan.

Download Sussex Partnership Green Plan 2022