Andrew Gordon

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Although I'm newly qualified, I'm already excited by the opportunities

Andrew Gordon,

Registered Mental Health Nurse

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Andrew's Story

I’m proud to work for Sussex Partnership, they are the only trust that runs this kind of service in this way for people in acute crisis. It’s what attracted me to the job. We reach out to young people we consider to be high risk. They may be suicidal, self-harming or suffering psychosis. It’s our job to help people recover in the security of their home and family, wherever possible.

Joining Sussex Partnership was very exciting for me, as it was my first role. Home treatment is a new team. It’s exciting that Sussex Partnership are investing in alternative approaches to mental healthcare.

Although I’m newly qualified, I’m already excited by the opportunities. I hope to start systemic training, to become a family therapist, funded by Sussex Partnership. I feel very supported in my work and my future plans. I’m dyslexic and have been given everything I need to help me to do a good job.

My role is a mixture of home visits and being on call for assessments from hospitals, for example, A&E. Calls from A&E can be challenging because people may have turned to them as a place of safety. People stay in our care for a few weeks, and we work to alleviate their crisis before referring them on to the services that best suit their needs.

When we get back from a visit, we reflect as a team. We become closer through difficult situations. We’re all very proud at the moment because we’ve been nominated for an award. I consider this job a vocation, but it’s lovely to be recognised for our hard work.

Seeing a young person turn from crisis to stability motivates us. For carers and parents we offer a release of pressure. For the young person, it’s just knowing that someone cares. It can be the small things, like a smile − they might not have shared a smile for a long time. At the end of the working day I simply hope I made a difference, however small.