Alice Parr, Charge Nurse, Jade Ward, Langley Green Hospital

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Mental health concerns everyone - not everyone else

Alice Parr,

Charge Nurse, Jade Ward, Langley Green Hospital

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Alice's Story

I started out as a volunteer and that led me to nursing. I was supported during my student placements at Langley Green and that’s why I wanted to come back here. I did also my preceptorship here. The best thing about it was feeling immediately supported as a newly qualified nurse. It’s a bit like when you pass your driving test – there’s a big difference between passing your test and going out on the road on your own with confidence.

No barriers to ambition

After just one year I had the opportunity to become a charge nurse. It was a big step, and I didn’t think that I was ready, but my team pushed me to go for it. It’s been an exciting step and I’m glad I took it, as I learn more every day and get to work with and support a great team. There is the opportunity for everyone to excel. Eventually I would like to become a matron or ward manager. It’s an achievable dream because of the supportive team around you at Langley Green. There are no barriers to ambition and innovation and ideas are welcomed from everyone.

In this job you see people come in at their lowest and you can make a difference to their future. There are countless moments of success. We had a lady who had been through lots of trauma and lost access to her children. She saw no point in living. She worked with us and, with occupational therapy and one-to-one nursing, we helped her get better. I heard that she is well and able to work again. You see people reach their lowest point and some may think they can’t pull back, but they can and they do.

I love that no day is ever the same. When people are in a confused state of mind, at the worst part of their life, it can be very difficult for them to trust and accept you, which is understandable. But I’m proud to be able to make a difference for them, to be a part of positive change and part of a strong team that is challenging the stigma around mental health. I believe that everyone has the potential to become mentally unwell, especially if life and circumstances push them too far. Mental health concerns everyone − not everyone else.