Recovery and wellbeing

Recovery is a uniquely personal journey. To us it means giving people the power to live their lives with purpose, meaning and hope for the future.

Your recovery has to be defined by you. It starts with moving away from diagnosis and illness towards good mental health and wellbeing.  Mental wellbeing can generally be described as feeling good and functioning well, although it is very much driven by your own personal hopes and expectations. We aim to help you to build a life that you are happy with, even if it involves living with some of your symptoms.

It’s not just about treatment and care; we’ll help you learn to manage your own mental health and wellbeing. This gives you back the power over your life that you may feel your illness has taken away from you. The journey to recovery and wellbeing is different for everyone, but by building hope and giving you control and opportunity, we can help to build your self-esteem and re-establish your personal independence.