Positive Practice Awards
Positive Practice Awards

Sharmella Rumble

Shining Star - Clinical


Our overall category winner, Sharmella, didn’t waste time in making an impression on her inpatient ward when she joined earlier this year.

In spring 2019 Sharmella joined Regency Ward at Mill View Hospital, Hove, as a Healthcare Assistant. And in this short time she has had a huge impact on both patients and her colleagues.

Working closely with patients, she has created and produced the Regency Rover, a fortnightly newsletter which includes poetry, artwork and activities produced on the ward. 

She has organised a number activity evenings on the ward, themed around different sports and activities, which have helped encourage participation and break down barriers between patients and staff. There have also been some amazing cooking and baking groups, which are always widely anticipated.

There have also been creative and art groups, offering patients an outlet for their talents and an opportunity to discover new hobbies, and there have been opportunities for relaxation at pampering groups.

Sharmella is also active on Twitter, promoting the activities happening on the ward, trying to show the world what actually goes on inside a mental health hospital to break down the stigma and mystery that still surrounds mental health.

She has truly thrown herself into the role and has boosted the nurse-led activities on the ward with amazing flare and creativity.

In describing Sharmella her nominator said: 'She is very popular with patients, and has a natural talent and energy drawing people in and getting them involved. She has definitely added colour and warmth to the ward and broken down some of the nurse-patient boundaries, leading to some great collaborative working.’

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