Positive Practice Awards
Positive Practice Awards

Pan-Sussex Learning Disability Care Delivery Service Therapists

Innovation, Learning and Improvement


The team was recognised by judges for their amazing work developing a tool to support safe discharge from hospital for people with complex needs.

The team of specialist learning disability therapists has developed a tool that supports safe discharge from hospital for people with complex needs, many of whom are placed out of the local area in high cost inpatient facilities. 

The tool is called the Safe Home Environment Assessment and it helps to identify the risks that need to be considered when placing someone in accommodation. It specifically looks at the physical environment to make sure it is suitable for the individual’s specific needs.

The tool also reflects an individual’s sensory preferences – something that is particularly important for people with complex learning difficulties. It supports development of a personalised “low arousal” home environment for the individual. The goal is to reduce risk, ensure accommodation placements are sustainable, reduce the financial cost to the NHS and, most importantly, improve the wellbeing and outcomes for individuals who have complex health needs. 

Their nominator said: 'Their work has contributed new thinking to the team work with this group of individuals as well as positive outcomes for a small group of complex individuals and the tool is now being expanded to include other complex client groups.'

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