Positive Practice Awards
Positive Practice Awards

North West Sussex Crisis Team

Innovation, Learning and Improvement


Our winners have been recognised for their flexible approach and ability to ‘think outside the box’ and working in partnership with other teams to try and reduce demand on beds.

The North West Sussex Crisis Team work hard to identify potential barriers to a patient being discharged as soon as they are admitted to the team for treatment, and introduce the idea of supported discharge as an alternative to admission from the outset. They work tirelessly to address the barriers to discharge.

The team recognised that there can be concerns regarding discharge for some patients that do not meet CRHT (Crisis Resolution Home Treatment) thresholds. To address this they introduced a transitional worker to give support on discharge for two weeks to ensure the patient is discharged safely.

Their nominator said: ‘CRHT continue to offer supported discharge to patients and there has been a significant rise over the past 12 months in supported discharge patients on the case load. Since January 2019 the team have taken patients onto their caseload without further assessment for those who would have been offered informal admission, therefore reducing bed demand.

‘Patient feedback has been excellent as they have been able to remain at home with a timely medical review (often the reason for the admission) and intense support. CRHT have built very strong links with East Surrey Hospital liaison by offering risk assessment training, thereby reducing referrals for admission. CRHT also have strong working relationships with our bed management team.’