Positive Practice Awards
Positive Practice Awards

Mutley Moss, the therapy dog

Best Pet Therapy Animal


Patients have told us that Mutley’s visits are an important part of their recovery, so we think he thoroughly deserves his Silver award.

Mutley Moss has done an amazing job on Pavilion Ward at Mill View Hospital in Hove.

Pavilion is a psychiatric intensive care unit, also known as a PICU. It can be an intense and challenging environment as the patients staying on the ward are experiencing severe episodes of mental illness and are extremely vulnerable. 

Animals are well known, both anecdotally and in scientific research literature, to improve people’s wellbeing, and have a particularly positive impact on people experiencing mental illnesses.

Mutley has had such an impact.

Patients look forward to his visits and many are adamant that his presence is integral to their recovery and subsequent discharge from hospital.

His visits have also been directly linked to reducing the use of seclusion by 75%, which is simply amazing.  

One of his nominators said: ‘The ward culture, environment and ultimately the experience for patients is enhanced by Mutley's visits. He is a fantastic symbol, both destigmatising mental illness and bringing comfort to our patients.’