Positive Practice Awards
Positive Practice Awards

Lindsay Towle and the team at The Haven @ Mill View

Innovation, Learning and Improvement


The team impressed judges with their outstanding work in setting up an entirely new service in a short space of time and co-designing the service with experts by experience and former service users.

The Haven @ Mill View is an entirely new service that provides a 24/7 crisis facility for adults across Brighton and Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex.

Lindsay and her dedicated team set up the new service in a short space of time, engaging staff and teams as well as partners, and co-designing the service with experts by experience and former service users. 

As the clock ticked down towards opening and issues and problems cropped up, absolutely nothing fazed Lindsay. Both she, and her brilliant new team, just found a way to deal with it. 

The Haven opened just one day late and has been providing a brilliant service for our communities ever since. 

The team’s nomination included feedback South East Coast Ambulance Service, one of our partner organisations: 

‘I have just had a first experience of taking a patient in to the Haven and just wanted to pass on how absolutely fantastic they are and what an incredible, much needed resource this is for a patient group that are time and again sadly let down by the system.

‘The patient in question was suffering from low mood and stress following bereavement and although not an acute episode of psychosis or behavioural disturbance, was a perfect candidate for the Haven and was very willing and co-operative to go (which inevitably made it easy for me!). 

‘The head nurse was great and explained to me what they can accept. She explained that alcohol and drugs are not necessarily an instant refusal it just depends on their behaviour and capacity. 

‘Furthermore, there was an excellent support worker there who completely put the patient at ease, chatted to her, made her tea and was very relaxed and informal which is just what these patients need over a busy and stressful A&E department.

‘All in all I cannot fault this experience and can only hope my patient gained something useful from today.'

The team are also more than happy to have people who may work with those experincing a mental health crises, such as the police, ambulance staff, socail care workers and other healthcare professionals visit and shadow staff if they want to gain further insight and skills in mental health - an absolutely necessary and invaluable skill to have.

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