Positive Practice Awards
Positive Practice Awards

HMP Ford Primary Care, Mental Health and Substance Misuse Services

Partnership in Practice


Bringing together three separate services to provide high quality healthcare in a prison has its challenges, but this team has risen to the occasion.

Three services, one team. That’s the ethos at HMP Ford Primary Care.

Providing healthcare is complicated at the best of times, but put that healthcare in a prison environment and things become even more challenging. 

The team at HMP Ford in West Sussex took home the Silver award for demonstrating exactly how partnership working can, and should, work.

The team is the first point of contact for prisoners needing healthcare. They also run specialist services for mental health and a Substance Misuse Service (SMS). Many prisoners require support from more than more service at a time, meaning they have to work in partnership to effectively meet the individual’s needs.  

Whether it's running physical health events for the substance misuse service (SMS) clients, providing cross-cutting interventions between SMS and the mental health team or the registered general nurses from the primary care team supporting the mental health team, the team all come together to provide a seamless service that works. 

As well as working with each other, the team have formed close working relationships with staff at the prison, probation services and our local healthcare commissioners at the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

But their partnership working is best evidenced in the relationships they have with their patients. They work with patients to support their preparations for release from prison, helping the men understand their own healthcare needs and how to manage them once they are living back in the community. Feedback from patients is positive and highly valued and is used to constantly develop the services provided.

All of this is summed up in their nomination: “The HMP Ford team demonstrate the values of the Trust throughout their daily work but in relation to truly demonstrating 'Partnership in Practice' they are outstanding.” 

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