Positive Practice Awards
Positive Practice Awards

Gary O'Shea

Apprentice of the Year


Gary’s dedication to his role, and his commitment to continuous learning through his apprenticeship, makes him a role model for his colleagues in the Recruitment Team.

Gary is Resourcing Team Lead, and before taking on the role the average time to get someone in post was around 18-20 weeks. Gary has worked tirelessly with his team, supporting and encouraging them, to get this down to just eight to nine weeks. This is in no small part down to Gary’s diligence and endeavour.

His commitment to the team, and the organisation as a whole, is apparent. As an expert on Trac, the Trust’s online recruitment system, he is responsible for training all recruitment coordinators and managers across the organisation, and he has demonstrated endless patience with his helpful attitude and professionalism.  

Gary is a role model for the rest of the team, and his commitment to his apprenticeship, whilst also continuing to fulfil his full time role, has inspired many member the team to look into the apprentice scheme. He is always happy to share his experience of the course and encourage others in their endeavours to improve their career within the NHS. 

In explaining why Gary deserved to win an award, his nominator said: “Gary leads his team with a cheerful disposition, his helpful attitude and his professionalism to attain the best results for every candidate we recruit.

“He is kind, patient, caring yet focused and professional in his work, as well as not realising just what an asset he is to the organisation, he is always self-deprecating and it would be wonderful for his work to be recognised, I cannot praise him highly enough.”