Positive Practice Awards
Positive Practice Awards

Belinda Channer and Jeremy Sandford

Shining Star - Non-Staff


Belinda and Jeremy helped to establish a new and exciting Sussex Recovery College course focused on the positive mental health benefits that come from physical activity.

Belinda and Jeremy are Peer Trainers who have helped to establish a new and exciting running course in Worthing through our Sussex Recovery College. The course is open to patients, carers and staff, and is available to all abilities from the beginners to the more experienced runners.  

So far there have been nearly 30 people attend the course since its introduction and everyone has said how much fun it is. A number of people who have completed the course also then went on to run their very first Parkrun - a 5km event - many of the new runners said they would have never felt that it was possible until they had the support, encouragement and confidence gained from attending the course. 

Their nominator said: ‘I started working with Jeremy and Belinda at the beginning of January. This has been one of the most enjoyable and amazing experiences.

‘What has been great working with Belinda and Jeremy has been their enthusiasm and respective skill sets. Belinda is used to teaching and can help ensure that the delivery of content remains focused and not taken off track. Jeremy has a wealth of running experience and expertise and knows very well from his own personal experience the positive mental health benefits you get from running. Jeremy has gone on to start working on wards at Meadowfield and Langley Green to help patients look at what they can do whilst in hospital.   He is signposting them to the Recovery College running course, and is also in the process of starting a One Step at a Time course in Haywards Heath.

‘Working with the Sussex Recovery College, and Belinda and Jeremy, has shown me how important co-production is. My best moment was when Jeremy and Belinda decided that they had sufficient confidence to lead sessions and we agreed we would take turns each week – where each of us will have an active part in each session but one person would take overall lead and plan for it.

'They’re great people to work with.’