Positive Practice Awards
Positive Practice Awards

Abbie Hoskin

Care Without Carbon


Abbie’s passion for the environment has spread to service users and colleagues at Amberstone, thanks to her efforts to create a greener NHS.

After collecting 40 used disposable plastic cups in just one day, Abbie decided that something needed to change. 

As a support worker, Abbie wanted to get everyone thinking about the importance of recycling and make it part of the recovery journey for the people she cares for at Amberstone.

She came up with a number of creative projects to inspire and involve both service users and staff, for example creating Christmas decorations from materials destined for the bin, such as plastic bottles and sandwich containers. Service users in particular really took to the project, with a number of them realising a previously undiscovered talent for artistic projects.

Abbie has supported a service user art project to create a sea scene from waste materials, a great project which encouraged service users to work together to create a display and develop their art skills, of which they are extremely proud and are looking forward to showcasing it to their family and friends at an upcoming open day.

She also launched the Amberstone Plastic Project’, which highlights the importance of recycling and gives service users tips and ideas for carrying on with their new green habits when they leave the hospital and return home. 

Abbie's passion and enthusiasm, and her determination to include service users in her projects, embodies the Care Without Carbon programme - Sussex Partnership’s initiative to create a greener, more sustainable NHS.

In her nomination, Abbie was described as ‘going the extra mile to support service users with their projects, providing them with encouragement and aspiration. She was also modest in receiving an ‘Employee of the Month’ award for their efforts championing Care without Carbon’.

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