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Our organisational strategy is about building for the future by having a clear plan about what we’re going to do to continue improving the experience of patients, families, carers and staff. It’s also about how we play our part in delivering the NHS Long Term Plan. We've been developing the strategy over the last few months. We're looking for feedback over the Summer so we can finalise it in October 2019.

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Our draft organisational strategy

Our strategy on a page

Feedback which has helped us shape the strategy

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Our strategy is underpinned by our culture, values and behaviours.We want to shape a culture of inclusion, kindness, civility, learning, fairness and responsibility. This means using our values to guide the way we behave and work. 

We value you

Our values

People first: people are at the heart of everything we do

Future focused: we're optimistic, we learn and always try to improve

Embracing change: we're bold, innovative and disciplined about using our resources to improve

Working together: we provide services in partnership with patients

Everyone counts: we value, appreciate and respect each other

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