Redesigning Inpatient Services:  

East Sussex  

A major programme to transform mental health inpatient services in East Sussex

New Hospital in East Sussex

We are building a new 54-bed hospital for adults and older people with mental health conditions on a site off Mount View Street, North East Bexhill.

The hospital will replace the out-dated inpatient services currently provided in the Department of Psychiatry at Eastbourne District General Hospital and will be completed by the end of March 2024, beginning of 2025.

It will:

  • remove out-dated dormitory accommodation, replacing the shared wards with individual bedrooms, each with ensuite bathrooms
  • provide a modern and improved therapeutic environment for patients, and
  • create enough capacity to meet future inpatient needs. 

This represents the first step in a wider programme aimed at building new modern facilities on a single site which will, in the future, meet all mental health inpatient needs for the people of East Sussex and beyond.

This 'campus'-style approach would enable us to develop a leading centre for mental health services which will mean we can respond as effectively as possible to the changing needs of local people and achieve outstanding outcomes for patients. 

This centre of excellence will also mean we can attract and keep the best staff and offer excellent teaching and research opportunities for our doctors, nurses and other clinicians.

Please click on the links below to find out more or watch a video of how the new hospital will look