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Our mental health research

We are one of the most research-active Mental Health Trusts in England. Around 15,000 people have taken part in our research studies since we set up the research department in 2006 and we've generated approximately £25 million in income. These studies sit within our broad mental health research themes: dementia, young people, psychosis, brain and body, mood and anxiety, learning disability, personality, emergency & complex care and approaches to involvement & recovery.

We have an award-winning Research Department supporting the delivery of research studies that have implications for practice nationally and internationally, and have been awarded the status of a University Hospital Trust. A workforce of dedicated research staff ensure that the people who use our services, their carers and our clinicians have regular opportunities to contribute to and learn from high-quality research that can impact upon the quality of the services we provide. We have collaborations with academic partners that ensure a significant proportion of our research activity is developed locally to address issues of greatest concern to the people that use our services. We play an active role in the regional and national networks that are funded by the Department of Health.. Our collaborative endeavours have secured investment to build the research infrastructure that can sustain our current level of research activity, including the £9 million awarded for the hosting of the Applied Research Collaboration Kent, Surrey & Sussex (ARC KSS).

The success of our research is dependent on our patients who take part and our hard-working team and clinicians across our Trust. We aim to pay attention to all aspects of the research process, from design of new studies, to delivery of existing research and to the implementation of these findings into practice.