Mark's story

I moved here recently from a Trust in London. I had already achieved Outstanding in my former role and it was, at the time, the pinnacle of my career, so I wanted a new challenge and to be a part of developing this service.

When I joined, the staff were fantastic. Everyone wanted to offer me their time. Further training was mentioned even at the point of my interview. The new Chief Executive is very keen to invest in people. I’m ambitious and I’m in the right place for that.

I did a degree in business studies and worked in sales, but it wasn’t for me. I tried some elderly care work and, despite the long hours, for the first time in my life it didn’t feel like a job. Talking with them, hearing their stories, it was priceless experience. I thought about what I wanted for the next 50 years of my life and it didn’t include working in sales! 

I meet some of the most incredible, inspiring people

Staff shortages here have been a challenge, but I think my biggest challenge actually comes from myself. I want us to be Outstanding right now and we’re definitely on the way. I’m proud of my team. I often work long days, I see them come and go, their excitement in the morning, their laughter and positivity at the end of a hard day. Day after day they give it their all. 

On the wards I meet some of the most incredible, inspiring people in society. The environment here is beautiful and radical at the same time. There are absolutely no social barriers. We’re moving away from the medical model to caring for the person, the individual. I never forget how fortunate I am to be in a position where I can make things happen − I can provide world-class care and the best possible working environment. At the end of a long day I feel optimistic and excited. Staff and patients have been listened to. The staff all know our vision for the hospital and for Sussex Partnership. 

This is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. To get home after a twelve-hour shift and look back at what you achieved in a single day is not something many careers can offer you. This job is not about comparing your fancy suit or the car you drive. This is something else altogether.