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New to the library service at Mill View Hospital from 1 May are our first two job-sharing librarians Amy Dunn and Sally Reynolds, who will be sharing the role of Mental Health Specialist Librarian.


Amy has been in this role for many years, and will now be reducing her hours to work Wednesdays to Fridays.


Sally will be transferring from her previous role as a Clinical Librarian working with Children and Women’s Services in Brighton, and will be covering Mondays and Tuesdays in her new role.


This two-person team is sure to bring a new dynamic, with better coverage of hours during periods of leave, greater combination of searching skills, and a pooling of many years’ experience in different NHS libraries combined into the one role.  


Do feel free to drop in and see us in the Sussex Education Centre Library at Mill View Hospital, and ask us how we can support you. 

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