LGBTQ/ gender identity training

We know staff training is vital for the wellbeing of our young and adult LGBTQ+ people and there is currently a national drive for the staff of all health, social care and education organisations to receive high-quality LGBTQ+/ gender identity awareness training. 

We are pleased to offer two LGBTQ+/ gender identity training courses to staff within Sussex Partnership, other health, social care and educational organisations, and also other organisations with an interest in promoting inclusivity within their workplaces.

LGBTQ+/ gender identity basic awareness training (part 1)

The LGBTQ+/ gender identity basic awareness training has been designed, alongside Health Education England, to help NHS staff (and other organisations) to understand the issues and complexities of LGBTQ+ individuals and looks at how professionals can best support the LGBTQ+ community. The training is a three-hour training and provides an excellent foundation of knowledge and understanding, alongside self-reflection, meaningful discussion, and a safe space for individuals to explore their underlying beliefs and assumptions. 

LGBTQ+/ gender identity intermediate mental health training (part 2)

The LGBTQ+/ gender identity intermediate mntal health training is a three-hour training to follow on from the basic awareness training. It offers an in-depth exploration of the mental health needs of young and adult LGBTQ+ people and puts LGBTQ+ identity into context regarding the historical and political backdrop and looking at LGBTQ+ identity today.  The training explores worrying statistics, access to healthcare, and discrimination, as well as exploring how we can be more inclusive in the workplace.

Both parts of the training allow attendees to gain a rich knowledge and understanding of LGBTQ+ issues and needs and help to develop the confidence to support young and adult LGBTQ+ people and to challenge discrimination if it occurs.


D Jamie Willo, LGBTQ+/ Gender Identity Inclusion Training LeadDr Jamie Willo is Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s LGBTQ+/ Gender Identity Inclusion Training Lead. Jamie is a Tavistock Centre trained, highly experienced Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, and has worked at SussexPartnership since 2007. 

Jamie has a special interest in the mental health and wellbeing of the LGBTQ+ community and Jamie identifies as trans non-binary.

Jamie has undertaken a Darzi Fellowship, during which time they developed LGBTQ+/ Gender Identity Training packages which they are now delivering across the UK to NHS Trusts and other health and educational settings.

Jamie’s virtual live and face-to-face training is creatively interactive, is action-learning based, and offers an open, safe space to explore difficulties staff have in this area. The training feedback has been overwhelmingly positive throughout, due to Jamie’s individual/powerful style of training.

General Information 

All training is offered as either face-to-face or live virtual training workshops. 

Face-to-face training: You will need to provide the venue and refreshments if required. The trainer will travel to your location/ venue. Any overnight accommodation costs and travel expenses will be agreed upon at the time of booking and payable by the organisation that is making the booking (this is not applicable to Sussex Partnership employees).

Virtual training: This training is delivered via Zoom. If organisations are unable to use Zoom for attending training purposes, there is an option to use GotoTraining as an alternative - please request this at the time of making the booking.

The live virtual training remains interactive and as such requires each attendee to access the training via their own individual laptop/PC for them to be able to interact with the session.

Please note: the basic awareness training (part 1) needs to be undertaken before undertaking the intermediate mental health training (part 2).

Download our flyers to find out more: 

LGBTQ+/ gender identity basic awareness training flyer

LGBTQ+/ gender identity intermediate mental health training flyer

Contact information and how to make a booking

If you would like to enquire about the above training workshops or make a booking, please contact Dr Jamie Willo: