Katy's story

I moved to Langley Green, and Sussex Partnership, quite recently and I’ve loved every minute so far. The recruitment process was quick and very smooth, not what I expected. 

Starting a new role here was a challenge, partly because of the amount of recruitment that was needed. It’s been an incredible environment to come into. The staff were looking for positive leadership and have embraced it. As a matron you couldn’t ask for more than that.

I am passionate about the NHS and about nursing and great leadership. What I love is that although there are challenges, there are solutions, and we are given the confidence to take this on. In my role there is a lot of work to develop nursing staff as individuals, as well as delivering good care. There is an investment in values, embracing people is at the heart of what we do.

There’s something special about the staff here. I’m really proud of their attitude. They are keen and enthused by improvement. They give wholeheartedly. I love noticing new skills in nurses and we should always try to be flexible and build around that. 

I go to work excited

I cannot speak highly enough of the privilege of this profession, and how amazing the patients are, they really blow me away. You gain so much from being around them. I go to work excited, despite the challenges, how many people get to say that? It’s a privilege to work with these people and to be a part of their recovery. I learn so much from them. 

It’s an exciting time to join Langley Green. The CQC graded us as ‘Requiring Improvement’, but we’ll be Outstanding, I’m in no doubt about that, and sooner rather than later. It’s an amazing transformation to be a part of. 

I don’t think I’ll ever leave nursing. I can’t imagine leaving the patients. I’ve loved every stage of my career so far. I feel confident that there will always be choices for me at Sussex Partnership. I feel very committed to the Trust.