How it works

After you have been referred

You will have been referred to the clinic by either your doctor or your care coordinator. After we receive your referral, our clinic assistant will contact you to book your initial appointment and a one-month follow up appointment. Before you attend your first appointment we will email you a link to some questionnaires - it's important that you complete the questionnaires before your first appointment so that we can get a clear picture of your current difficulties.

Your initial appointment


Your first appointment will have two parts:


  • Part one: our clinic assistant will sit with you for the first part and give you an opportunity to describe your current circumstances
  • Part two: you will see a doctor who will discuss treatment plans with you.
Both parts will take place on the same day (all appointments are held on a Friday). It is important that you continue to see your current team throughout your treatment in the Immunopsychiatry Clinic. 

After your treatment 

Following modification of your treatment, which may take up to six months, you will continue to be seen by your current team who can continue any new treatments started in the clinic.

If you want to stop treatment 

Participating in the clinic is entirely optional. If during the course of treatment you do not wish to continue then you can leave the clinic at any time and continue to receive your usual care within the Assessment and Treatment Service.