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patient care

The standards of mental health care in the future will be defined by the standards of education we put in place today. We believe that people who have experienced mental health problems should be at the centre of designing and delivering mental health education. Our specialised training is informed by what today’s patients need tomorrow’s healthcare professionals to know.

What we do

Our ethos

As a University Trust we believe in providing: the right education for everyone about mental health, wellbeing and recovery, to reduce stigma and increase the capacity of communities to respond to the needs of people in difficulty; the right training for staff at all levels of organisations to provide the most effective, compassionate, safe care for people in mental health difficulty.

Our education programmes

Our innovative education and training programmes are delivered in close partnership with universities, colleges and other organisations across the south-east. Internationally recognised academic experts lead and work in our services, often jointly appointed with university partners.

We provide high-quality education in medicine, nursing, psychology and psychological therapies, occupational therapy, social care and other aspects of wellbeing and healthcare. We also provide short courses and conferences that are open to the public.

Courses for health and social care professionals

If you are interested in receiving further details or would like to apply for places on programmes, courses or conferences please call us on 01273 716573 or email

Training as a mental health professional

As a University Trust linked to Brighton and Sussex Medical School we provide medical study that is accompanied by broad clinical experience. We also partner with Brighton, Sussex, Surrey, Canterbury Christ Church, Southampton, Chichester and other universities to deliver placement experiences for student nurses, occupational therapists and social workers, trainee psychologists, psychological therapists and others. In many cases we teach on the university courses, or have joint appointments of academic staff who work in both the Trust and the university. 

We offer vocational qualifications, foundation training and internship programmes to support the development of careers in health and social care. For example we offer work experience, the Certificate in Fundamental Care for health care assistants, placements and internships for psychology students and graduates. 

Specialist post-qualification training for professionals

We offer a number of extended practitioner training programmes, including courses at postgraduate level:

Short courses and conferences for professionals

 Every year our short courses and conferences attract excellent feedback from delegates. Our programmes include:

  • Mental health updates for GPs
  • Mental Health Act training
  • Mood and anxiety disorder research
  • Psychosis research
  • Knowledge and understanding framework (awareness training about personality disorder)
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy master classes
  • Systemic pyschotherapy master classes
  • STEPPS (Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving) for borderline personality disorder

Public courses and events

We offer courses, conferences and events that are designed for and open to the public. These aim to develop knowledge and capability so that communities can better support wellbeing and respond effectively to mental health and related challenges. Courses can help individuals, families and carers to make progress towards recovery and can reduce stigma and discrimination by raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues.