Louise Patmore, Staff Governor

 As a governor I would like to represent staff interests in making sure we become a world class provider of mental health services using partnership thinking and working with our patients, carers and staff. I believe that the key to this is good solidly supported teams and a workforce that can feel supported at all levels. I will be promoting the Just Culture where there is fairness, openness and learning by making staff feel able to speak up rather than fear blame. I will also support co-productive mechanisms at all levels and promote carer integration into services with the triangle of care. This will ensure that staff feel part of a compassionate organisation to staff which will filter into the services we provide and make patients front and centre of everything we do. This will build on work already achieved previously and carried forward this year. 

As Patient Lead to the Trust I have a wide overview of the Trust and our partners, working on the LeaderLeader program also gives me close contact with staff as well as my work with Recovery College. I have strong links and understanding of the mechanisms of difficulties the trust faces and good negotiation skills to support a wide constituency using my lived experience, social policy degree and leadership skills. 

As a governor I will collectively work with the Council to hold to account those tasked to perform duties within the Trust as well as steering pragmatically knowing what we can achieve with the resources we have using our values framework.