Julie Barker, Governor


I am looking forward to working hard as your newly elected Carer Governor where I have been elected for a three-year term beginning September 2020. I wish to contribute positively and engage with families and patients to ensure that their voice is heard. I am excited to be a Governor working to support the Trust’s strategic ambitions, and to promote the importance of ensuring that Carers are engaged with mental health services.

I understand the challenges of supporting a loved one as a I am a parent carer support to my adult daughter with autism and complex mental health needs. Although caring for someone you love can be very exhausting it does bring about positive traits of strength, vulnerability, courage, and compassion in oneself. I know that sometimes Carers can feel invisible in the healthcare system and I want to promote their important role and connect them to as many services as possible.

My background in healthcare as a Registered Nurse with a master’s degree in Public Health makes me comfortable working within the NHS and advocating for families. I have a background in Gerontology and worked for many years in long term care facilities supporting families with dementia and the physical challenges of ageing. 

My commitment as elected Governor is to be instrumental in enabling groups to work together, to promote the role of carers and be aware that it can be variable, and one approach does not fit all.