Allison Fackerell, Carer Governor

I am the parent of a service user with mental health difficulties and I became a governor as I know the problems that service users and there carers and families face. I understand through my own experience how hard it can be to get anyone to listen and the pitfalls of the underfunding in the NHS. I believe as a governor I have the understanding to fight for a better system for carers and service users; people should be seen before they hit crisis, that if better use of engaging with service users before they hit crisis will not only save money but lives. As a governor I will engage with my constituents to improve the system that helps service users and their families and friends. 

I have had mental health issues and with good care and positive interventions I have lead a full and normal life. I am the mother of a service user who has mental health and for 10 years worked with children and young adults with a range of learning difficulties and issues. 

I have become a governor because I believe that if you want change you have to stand up and be counted. It takes all sorts of people who have real life experience of the system. I have that real life experience