Alex Garner, Staff Governor

I put myself forward as Staff Governor because I believe I can make a difference. My passion is in the area of equality, diversity & human rights and my expertise is in engagement & inclusion. I will use my governor position to shine a spotlight on the places in the Trust where we are doing this well, and of course I will seek support to address the sites and services that need more help and direction. It is my conviction that when we get these things right we can really begin to thrive as an organisation. 

I have worked for Sussex Partnership for over a decade now, many of those years were spent in Community Services but the last three have been in the corporate world, where my role has been to connect the Trust with people & organisations and embed the principles of equality & diversity in our ‘modus operandi’. I feel I have a solid understanding of what good looks like in terms of mental health services and the leadership training & organisation development masterclasses. I have undertaken have added real value to what I believe I can offer in these areas now too. 

Governors are a vital link between the Trust Board, the people who work at Sussex Partnership, the people who use our services, their families and the general public. They help the Trust to work in a transparent way; if you are a staff member and want to get in touch please do by emailing