Shannon Guglietti, Staff Governor

I have been working in the NHS for five years and currently work for Sussex Partnership as a Clinical Effectiveness Facilitator. 

I first moved to the UK to complete an MSc in Mental Health Studies at the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London. I am an extremely curious person and find learning about mental health care, psychology, and quality improvement all very fascinating! Since completing my MSc, I have always worked for the NHS.

Over the past five years working for Sussex Partnership, I have had the opportunity to work across a variety of different projects and clinical services. This has really appealed to my values around accomplishment and caring for others. Also, the supervision, mentoring and support I have received from senior staff has been invaluable.

My aim as a governor is to bring the following to my fellow staff members:

  • the ability to build good working relationships with people from all areas and seniority; 
  • wanting the best for services and all stakeholders; 
  • approachability, energy, and professionalism; 
  • being extremely organised, with a good attention to detail; 
  • a dedicated and positive approach to working and responsibility; 
  • being adaptable to deadlines and new ways of working; and 
  • the expertise and experience of working/interning over the past five years in this trust (e.g., Recovery College, audit, research, community inpatient/outpatient, Clinical Academic Groups). 

Broadly speaking, the role of a governor is to hold the board of directors to account for the performance of the trust and to represent the interests of stakeholders. I recognise the benefits of working within and across multidisciplinary teams and of having effective governance structures in place, including accountability. In this respect, NHS foundation trusts will significantly benefit from the expertise and experience of their governors and I will ensure the voice of my constituents is heard.