Sussex Clinical Records Interactive Search (CRIS) System

Sussex Partnership has joined the Sussex Clinical Records Interactive Search (CRIS) System, a computer information system that will allow us to carry out research, assess the effectiveness of our treatments and identify ways we can improve our services. 

The CRIS system will process our electronic clinical notes and records, de-identifying them so that we are able to look at real life situations and cases, without breaching patient confidentiality. Using this tool will allow us to see when there are patterns and trends emerging in mental health, service use and treatments. Our researchers will be able to use your data to help expand our understanding of medical conditions, and improve the treatments and services that are being provided by the NHS and other organisations.

Download information leaflet.

Examples of studies using CRIS

We believe CRIS can make a real and positive difference to future treatments and care. Looking at information available from a lot of different patients and services makes it easier to see patterns and trends; what works for some and does not for others. Here are some things that have been looked at using CRIS systems in other Trusts:

  • Is there a test for those with Alzheimer’s disease that can show if medication would be the best course of treatment?
  • Do some drugs for schizophrenia affect physical health, for example diabetes?
  • Do people’s home living arrangements affect how long they spend in hospital wards?

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We have compiled some FAQ’s to answer some of the questions you might have.

If there is any information which is not covered in the FAQ’s, or if you have any questions or concerns, please email